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Independent Redistricting Commission Mission: The Independent Redistricting Commission's mission is to redraw Arizona’s congressional and legislative districts to reflect the results of the most recent census. The concept of one-person, one-vote dictates that districts should be roughly equal in population. Other factors to be considered are the federal Voting Rights Act, district shape, geographical features, respect for communities of interest and potential competitiveness. The state Constitution requires the commissioners – two Republicans, two Democrats and an independent chairwoman – to start from scratch rather than redraw existing districts.

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We've Moved

AZ Independent Redistricting Commission
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Meeting Notice
5:15pm in Phoenix
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Notice of a Joint Appearance of a Quorum of Commissioners
(Not an Official Meeting of the
Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission)

December 8, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. EST
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U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Independent Congressional Redistricting
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Legislative Districts
Notice of Submission
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Congressional Districts 
Notice of Submission
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Select Commissioners
Organizational Phase
1st Round Hearings
Approved Draft Maps
2nd Round Hearings
Final Maps
Congressional Submission

Legislative Submission
DOJ Preclearance

Previous Meeting Info
The Independent Redistricting Commission posts all meeting notices on its website and at the offices of that IRC (4000 N. Central Avenue Suite 1150, Phoenix, AZ 85012). You may sign up to receive notice of all Commission meetings by using the link to receive the Commission's meeting notice subscription.
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